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When you partner with MDR it's like hiring a "Supply Expert!" You get the most technologically advanced ordering assistant you could ever imagine! The MDR platform allows us to find you the best price on the products you need and our friendly, informed specialists do the hard work for you.

MDR is committed to helping you use the best products without paying ridiculous prices. Our staff will analyze your account and help you identify areas where you can reduce your supply spend. Our qualified staff work directly with practicing dentists who support the MDR team.

MDR members benefit from our consulting sessions that provide input on brand quality and performance. Our specialists use technology and industry insights to help you evaluate the products you are paying for. We will identify supplies you are paying too much for and have suggestions to reduce your overall spend. Because we have no kickbacks from vendors, you can trust our consulting is based on expert analysis - not because a vendor is paying us to push their product.

We work with over 500 vendors to provide our members with a truly price-competitive option. All our vendors are located in the United States, no gray market stuff, only the best for MDR members. Vendors' specials and reduced pricing is passed directly to our clients. We do not markup individual products - not one bit.

Our software and service are month to month. MDR is here to be a value add to your business. We view ourselves as a partner with you and your office. Our members are the reason we are in business. As a benefit to your office, we do not require members to sign extended contracts.

Spend More Time... With Family

MDR has built-in artificial intelligence that remembers your orders. The proprietary technology builds your own catalog to make reordering a breeze. Over time, this proprietary AI will be able to provide your office with predictive ordering. Gone are the days of ordering supplies at the last minute! Plus, there is never a need to 'stock up' during a fire sale; let's face it, these supplies usually end up in a closet somewhere, anyway! Everyday is a fire sale with MDR because we constantly shop the lowest price for you!

Our technology helps you know how much you are spending each month on supplies. We have reports that help you manage your costs and we are building new reports with each software update.

MDR specialists and consultants are available via phone, email, chat or text. Our team is formed of qualified individuals that have received a very rigorous and demanding Dr. H Product Knowledge Certification that requires over 30 hours of classroom time and hands-on clinical training. If you are able to stump them (which is rare!) they have practicing doctors - including Dr. H - to provide additional advice.

Everyone knows that dental supplies are overpriced and vendors markup each product. Buying online takes a lot of time, keeping track of price fluctuations, account logins, etc; with MDR, we handle all of this for you. Just tell us what you need and we'll get it for you at the lowest price possible. No markups!

MDR takes over the ordering for your office - with your interests in mind. We save you money on supplies and reduce your workload. Most offices only order about 100 unique items. Once you've ordered each, reordering from your catalog is a breeze. Let us handle the research into various brands and clinical reports. You focus on your patients and get ready to be excited each time you reach for one of the supplies from MDR - because the procedures you provide just became less expensive to perform!

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Customer Case Studies and Savings

Proven savings, even when compared to major vendor discounts


Here are 7 of our customers -- what their catalog prices were with prior vendors, pricing they were able to negotiate, and prices they paid for the same supplies after joining MDR .


Reduce and stabilize your supply costs -- no more erratic cash flows



Let us partner with your practice and we’ll help you experience the power of business minded dentistry.
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MDR Keys to Success

Best Practices for Our Business-Minded Dentists

  • Place Orders Weekly

    By ordering weekly you are taking the hassle out of the overall process. This makes it easier for the ordering assistant to put the order together for processing with MDR. Plus, offices are less likely to forget items when orders are placed each week. Best practice is to have a dedicated day and time that orders are completed each week. MDR makes this easy. Simply login to your dashboard and begin creating an order. You can add to the order each day and when it's time to submit each week, just click the submit button. This is our 'building orders' feature.

  • Fully Adopt the MDR Platform

    Offices that fully adopt our platform are getting the most from our technology and services. Stop ordering from multiple vendors. Forget having to log and update usernames and passwords for various sites. End the time consuming game of price matching. Besides, is that the best use of time for your staff? Not at all! Let us handle the research, setup, management, ordering and tracking for each item. Focus yourself and your staff on your patients. We’ve got this!

  • Be Business-Minded

    Members willing to step away from costly brands will get the best bang for their buck. We know change can be hard, but it's worth it in the end. Is the gauze which costs ten times more, going to be ten times thicker? No, it's not! The gauze our clients have been buying for the last few years costs 75% less than the "major brands" gauze, and works just as well! As members adjust to this process, they realize that small business changes can make big business sense!

  • Use Dr. H Catalog

    The Dr. H Catalog is the MDR way of helping provide a quick go-to menu for standard supplies in each office. Each product has gone through rigorous testing with practicing dentists and given the Dr. H stamp of approval. These are the lowest priced options for the products shown. Members who opt into the Dr. H Catalog are buying in on the MDR philosophy that believes a great doctor is a product of their skills, not their supplies.

A Message from Our Founder

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Here Is a Sample of the MDR Savings

0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse

Avg. Major Vendor Price: $22.90
MDR Sourced Price: $3.93

Cotton Rolls #2

Avg. Major Vendor Price: $22.76
MDR Sourced Price: $10.95

Earloop Face Masks

Avg. Major Vendor Price: $11.45
MDR Sourced Price: $1.53

Bite Registration VPS Fast Set

Avg. Major Vendor Price: $47.18
MDR Sourced Price: $12.95


Founded by a practicing dentist

MDR Origin Story

As a practicing dentist for nearly two decades, I was tired of the extremely high cost of supplies. I teamed up with some technology guys in Utah and started a business to save dentists money, reduce workload and increase the bottom line. The software and service provides cost side savings, helps manage the business side of dentistry and lets me and my staff focus on our patients and growing our practice.

- Dr. H, DMD, Founder

Our Mission

Pay a professional to do a professional job. We save our members money by shopping and ordering their supplies and reducing their workload. We provide them with confidence that they are saving money on supplies and not spending unnecessary money and time trying to find the best deals - we do that for them.


Scott Thomas
CEO & Founder
Adrian Huang, DMD (Dr. H)
CDO & Founder
Jared Rossean
CIO & Founder


The big dental supply companies have cornered the market on dental supplies for too long. Unchain yourself from their overpriced products and come be part of our community. At we are determined to get you the best products at the lowest price. No markups, no upselling you on unnecessary and overpriced products. We are building a community focused on saving money on the supply side so you can dedicate more quality time and money to what matters most.